Playing Robbie Williams Social Poker

Online poker has spawned something that never existed in the world of poker before; this is due to the occurrence of social innovations which brought this game to the next level. The ability to use mobile applications and to play more than one game at the same time is among the latest features being introduced today.

Social poker games have gained popularity since more and more people tend to spend most of their time in social media's such as Facebook, Twitter and many more. Today, you can play social poker games for fun through your mobile phone or tablet. The best thing about these games is that, players can play them at anytime and anywhere.

If you are a fan of this game, then you might probably have heard about the Robbie Williams poker. This new game has caused an outrage among the many fans. It's not just the usual game because it utilizes the social media in bringing this game into a new form. The rules are relatively the same as the conventional poker but the thrill of being able to personalize your game is a grand thing. You can even create your own avatar and interact with other players all throughout the world. UK fans can even download this game from a good variety of UK sites.

This game is accessible through Facebook and other social portals. It has become a phenomenon since the day it was released and more and more people go crazy over it. It's among the typical "free to play" games which uses some sort of credit system. Free credits are also being rewarded to everyone so that they can get a good amount of free game time.

However, it is worth mentioning though that there are other sites that offer poker tournaments for real money. This is inevitable as many poker fans are willing to spend their money just to satisfy their gaming pleasures. They often purchase credits from the site to acquire unlimited access to the game. This will also allow the players to advance into the next level and acquire the most valuable items which are essential in beating their opponents.

It's no secret as well that Robbie Williams poker is often associated with dirty money, gambling and addiction because Robbie Williams is an addict himself. However, there is a lot to this game that many of us are not aware of. The truth is, the money he makes out of this social game will go to some charities in the UK.