The Good and the Bad with the Poker Mania Free Download

While a Poker Mania free download might sound like it is too good to pass up, you might find after a while that there are plenty of things lacking in this desktop application. It offers up a great interface for single games of draw poker, but that's all there is - there is no Texas or Omaha Hold'Em, two of the greatest card games out there, to be found.

Upon getting started, the interface is brilliant and beautiful. There is no question about what button does what, and there is a clearly-defined help section that will give you any information that isn't initially evident. Learning how to draw, hold and win is quite simple, but because there is nothing else going on here and no tournaments in which you can participate, it is almost too simple to be any fun.

What's more, there is no ability to play a hand against an AI opponent; you will only get to play against others. You will have the ability to create several characters, too, but you can only have them play against one another if you share a computer. This means that there isn't really any problem solving or strategizing, making it a poor learning environment for anyone who wants to eventually be at a professional level.

It's freeware, so this means that you don't have to pay anything to install it to your machine. What's more, there is no real money exchange allowed in this title, much like Fresh Deck or Zynga poker applications. Since it offers only the one style, most people feel that it is best to find a different application that allows them to enjoy their favorite Hold'Em titles in ring and tournament-style fashion. However, for those who prefer draw and only draw, this is a good choice.