Social Fun is On the Rise with Facebook Poker for Real Money

Social media is one of the most important things in many peoples' lives with some 77% of the population who has access to the internet having a Facebook account. Facebook real money poker is certainly coming, and people are incredibly excited to see what is in store.

Will It Be a Flop like the First?

The software will be provided by Zynga which is a company that provides a huge percentage of the social games that users enjoy on Facebook. While Farmville and their new Farmville 2 are certainly successful, their launch of ZyngaPlusPoker back in April of 2013 was pretty much a flop. The impact it had on the industry as a whole was only minimal, and the reasons for this are many. It didn't have affiliate backing and it was poorly marketed, to say the least. What's more, this application didn't allow for the same social atmosphere as other Zynga titles, and this left users quite disappointed.

So What Will be New?

The confirmation of a new, more socially-integrated Zynga application was brought to light at a conference in Barcelona and it will be launched primarily in the UK to start. They have confirmed that the Facebook real money poker application will be kept separate from its free counterpart to avoid confusion, and they have also noted that they will use Facebook, one of the most popular marketing methods online today, to promote this new application to those who can access it legally. Only time will tell whether or not the new program will flop like the first or enjoy any level of success, but the idea of being able to win real money in an online social setting is certainly appealing to many people.

The creators of the Facebook real money poker app from Zynga claim that they want to focus more on the social aspect of poker, and this is how it should be. Whether or not they will allow users to actually win money from their friends remains to be seen, though they have stated that people will be able to gift one another.